Neurosurgical treatment of central nervous system deals with very delicate and important live structures. It necessitates detail planning and preparation to limit the risks and broaden the changes for successful treatment. Surgery in nowadays is proceeded by preoperative patient examination, wide range of supportive visual scannings with MR in first place, the surgery can be conducted with the support of neuronawigation, neuromonitoring advanced fancy tools. In wthese all techniques the anatomical knowledge is of utmost importance.
In this course we focus on neurosurgical anatomy. It is displayed in anatomical landmarks and topographical orientation of following structures that are encountered during neurosurgical procedures in supra and infratentorial locations. The observations are next visualized during individual cadaver dissection.
The course is oriented both to young neurosurgeons building their learning curve as well as to experienced doctors needing to explore less often operated anatomical locations.

Course director
Dr n. med. Dariusz Szarek