Friends and colleagues!

The first EANS Congress in the new decade will take place in Belgrade. Lukas Rasulic and his team, and the Scientific Committee of the EANS under the guidance of Francesco Sala will put a programme together, which shall attract many colleagues – young and older – to present concepts and results from their basic and clinical research to inspire the world of neurosurgery. Complemented by expert plenary lectures and by subspecialty workshops the EANS Congress will act as a platform to show cutting-edge neurosurgical techniques and technology from within the European arena and beyond. There will be room to mount discussions on relevant societal and ethical issues, such as the increasing use of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), but also to socialize with our colleagues from inside and outside Europe.

The fact that Belgrade will serve as the host city of the Congress signifies that EANS is acting as an articulation at the crossroads between European and Eurasian countries and their distinct neurosurgical cultures. That is an important aspect when looking at our congress cities of the past and of the future. And, it allows the regional neurosurgical peers and their neuroscientific and technological environment to present themselves to a larger audience and to propel the interest of their health care politicians and scientific organizations in their activities. Consequently, the role of the EANS Congress cannot be overestimated in that regard, and I am confident that it will raise the interest of various important regional South-Eastern European political stakeholders as well.

After having hosted a very successful EANS Training Course already in 2018, our whole community is looking forward to yet another landmark event in Belgrade. The Belgrade team as well as the whole EANS is looking forward to receiving you on the occasion of our congress in October 2020!

Kindly Yours,

Karl Schaller
President of the EANS


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