The aim of the Society is:

  1. To deepen the knowledge of the sciences related to the nervous system, in particular, the surgery of the nervous system and to support research and scientific work in this field
  2. Improving the expertise of members
  3. Cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Polish Neurological Society, and other domestic and foreign scientific societies
  4. Cooperation with chambers of medicine, trade unions, and other health care organizations on neurosurgery tasks
  5. Representation of Polish neurosurgery in Poland and abroad
  6. Promoting the principles of medical deontology

The Society pursues the above objectives by:

  1. Organizing national and international scientific congresses
  2. Hold scientific meetings at least once a year
  3. The organization of public lectures and lectures
  4. Publishing journals, whereby the Society has the right to publish its own scientific journal in the field of neurosurgery or jointly with other scientific societies in the country and to participate in publishing international journals in the field of neurosurgery
  5. Expressing positions and opinions and submitting proposals to the relevant authorities on matters relating to neurosurgery. In particular, the Society’s authorities have the right and obligation to participate in filling professional neurosurgical posts.
  6. Membership of the European and World Association of Neurosurgical Societies
  7. Launching competitions and awarding prizes for scientific work
  8. Pursuing service and economic activities in order to multiply the financial resources